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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung galaxy S2 has everything you could want in a smart phone. Though, at over 2 years old, the technology is starting to feel dated. A tangible interface makes this phone ideal for people who like ease of use, though it is only a spectrum in the shadow of its successor, the samsung galaxy S3.

Android makes this phone fluid, accessable and innovative whilst still keeping a professional feel on the worlds thinnest handset (at the time). Not to mention that the phone makes fantastic use of samsungs flagship super LED dynamic screen display.

I've now had the fortune of owning this phone for over 2 years and i can honestly say its been a pleasure to own. Its never broken on me and has served me well. The only downside would be the pretty poor battery life but thats to be expected in such a powerful smart phone.

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB Black

I was so sceptical about tablets before but I had come into some money and bought one because my friend had one and I used it pretty much constantly so I decided to get one maybe simply because I wanted it and for no other reason.. at the time. But then again at the time I personally never saw a use for tablets. Simply because they weren't better than a desktop, laptop or console. So what is the point? But you really have to try one out to understand at least I did.

Now I have a completely different view I use this all the time, to watch TV, Movies, play games browse the internet etc.

I chose the iPad over any other tablet as I have an Android Phone (HTC Desire C) and I will continue to so. I wanted apps individual to the App Store as I already had apps individual to the Play Store on my phone. The reason I got the 16GB is simply because I wasn't going to use it for that much so I wouldn't need a 32 GB storage. 16GB is more than enough for a wide range of games and man many songs. I'm no where near the full storage of it yet and I have 450 songs and around 15 games 30 apps overall.

The main reason I got the mini is because I want to go around using it, the bigger iPad is not convenient to do so. It is very light and you can do pretty much whatever, listen to music, read books, play games etc. You could also go on the internet and browse Facebook if you got the version that also has mobile internet I unfortunately did not but I didn't feel I needed that functionality. Would be nice though. The only problem I would have with the carrying it around is the worry of it being stolen which is a big possibility. Apple does offer a year warranty with the iPad and after you can get third party insurance for it if you so wanted.

Are there differences from the 'normal' iPad? Yes there is a few nothing massive though, obviously the smaller screen size, it is lighter, it is thinner. The components are slightly scaled down but it is still lightning fast, I will give all the specifications later on in the review.