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martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

the perfect dress for a special dinner

A few days ago came home this dress and I could not wait to show it to you. This is the perfect dress for a special dinner. It's so nice because you don't need accessories to complete the look because the dress is so special.

To get a little bit of contrast, I have combine with black blazer, bag and stilettos, that add even more elegance to the look. 


lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Shorts de Zara

Mis shorts de Zara me quedan chulísimos. Los he puesto con una blusa amarilla para que hagan un bonito contraste. Me gusta enseñar mis bonitas piernas. Una presume porque puede hacerlo.

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Braun DigiFrame 1500

I've been using this frame on and off since I first received it three or four years ago and it still works really well. The resolution is really quite impressive and photographs are displayed well and the images are crisp and sharp, the screen is backlit so you can see the photo's really well and the frame looks really effective at night. The images on the screen can be displayed for varying length of time, the shorted being 3 seconds the longest being an hour with quite a few different stages in between. The remote control can be used to pause images, you can also zoom, rotate and adjust the brightness, as well as skip on to another photo, I've never experienced any problems with the frame not responding and it always seems to respond to both manual operation and the remote control very quickly. I usually use the frame with a memory card as I think plugging a device in using a USB can look a little bit messy, especially as we have the frame on usually if we have guests over, the memory cards however are inserted at the back and can't be seen when looking at the frame. Our electricity is on a payment meter and I have noticed that when the frame is on it does seem to use quite a lot of electricity which makes me a little reluctant to use it on a regular basis. We have another digital photo frame which also uses a lot of electricity so it's not an uncommon problem and if we weren't on the prepayment meter it wouldn't be noticed.

HP Premium Photo Paper

The paper is a nice thickness which makes it easy to handle, it's certainly a good quality when comparing it to some other brands I have used. When printing onto this paper I've found it takes quite a while to dry, it doesn't take an annoyingly long time but I have smudged a couple of photographs because they've been wetter for longer than I would of thought. I think this is maybe the reason HP include the perforated edge, which is handy when you want to handle photo's quickly, you can lay them out to fully dry without touching the image. Although it's handy when you rip off the excess paper you can see that it's a perforated edge, it's also quite easy to accidently rip photographs. If I'm framing a photo it doesn't matter so much about this perforated edge but I wouldn't print onto this paper if I was giving the photo's away as they don't look very professional. It's a shame about this because photographs look stunning on this paper; the colours are really sharp and vibrant. Photographs look very professional with ease, and they continue to look good too, I've got photos that I probably printed four or five years ago now which still look as good as when they were first printed.

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

'Betty-Lou Manizer AKA The Bronzing Bandit'

I said before that I was originally unsure whether the colour would compliment my skin tone, well earlier this year I discovered the sister product to this called 'Betty-Lou Manizer AKA The Bronzing Bandit' which is designed for darker skin tones. From my experience and by reading other people's reviews I would say that Mary-Lou Manizer is fine for the following skin tones (given in foodie terms); from fair skin i.e. peaches and cream to medium skin i.e. olive, caramel and light Brown sugar. Milk and dark chocolate would be better suited to Betty-Lou.
Moving away from the face for a moment I have tried this powder as a body duster and it makes a very nice shimmer especially if showing a bit of shoulder/shoulder blade. If you're worried about overdoing it and looking like an Oscar statue then it can be mixed with a plain moisturizer (haven't tried it with oil) for a more subtle and evenly spread shimmer. Though if you're going somewhere dimly lit like clubbing or dinner by candlelight it probably won't matter as much; hey you could use as much as you want and at least any companions you have won't lose you.

Olympus Tough-6000 - A Sports Camera, Nothing More Nothing Less

The Olympus Tough 6000 had the potential to be an amazing versatile camera, an all round photo whiz machine but design and practice are two different things. If you want a solid, reliable, slimfit camera for watersports/hobbies then go for it but if you want an all round, easy to use everyday camera with sporting ability then it's probably best to look elsewhere. It makes me sad to write that (even after writing everything above) because this model can probably last for many years without getting weaker physically or functionally and it comes from a very reputable brand but sadly it will not deliver the kind of shots that are demanded by the increasing amount of casual and hobbyist photographers taking hundreds if not thousands of photos of their everyday lives and special occasions be it for personal collections or social networking. We look to the media and see gorgeous imagery produced from sought after 'ideal' locations, technical equipment and digital image enhancement coupled with stylists or keen skill for hair, fashion, make up and choreography and then hope to reproduce something akin to those images ourselves. Hence our expectations are pushed higher and technology is designed with that in mind but some items are really meant as specialized rather than multi-focus pieces and this camera is a sports (water) camera, nothing more nothing less.