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martes, 24 de diciembre de 2013

favorite Christmas jewelry by Tous

Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas Day, one of the most special days of the year. I love to being my family these days and this year I am really looking forward to it, as I have spent nearly half of the year traveling around the world, working and enjoying all the wonderful oportunnities I have had this year. At home, we celebrate the Three Wise Men Day, but this time I won't be at home, so Christmas will be more special. So these days I will be sharing with you nice and special posts.
Today, I want to share with you some desgins of my one of favorites jewelry brands: Tous. Since I was little, there has been a small bag with its well-known bear. It is a nice idea to give as a gift on Christmas and on January 6th. Which one's your favorite?
I hope you have a very nice Christmas Eve and enjoy your shopping. Do you know what you will find tomorrow underneath the Christmas tree? I am as excited as I was when I was a girl.

jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Apple iPad Air 32GB

I  got a present of an Apple iTouch a couple of years ago and have used it constantly ever since. It's only drawback was its tiny screen which meant surfing the web was an uncomfortable and awkward experience. The only surfing at home I could do was on an old laptop so I decided the time had come to get a tablet. As its one of the most expensive on the market, I was hesitant so researched other tablets to see how they compared. However, the iPAD was still my favourite - there is just something that Apple do which puts their products ahead of the competition.

I got the new iPAD Air 32GB. I considered the iPAD 2 which is still available but as its on the market for some time I was afraid it would date quickly. I shopped around but Apple products tend not to vary too much in price, particularly newly released ones. In the end I got it on Black Friday when the Apple site had 35 euros off it.

It arrived in a white box - very sleek and classy. The only accessory included was a lead which plugs in to the iPAD for charging. The other end can be either connected to a USB port or plugged in to the mains for charging.

What can I say - it has lived up to my expectations and I love it. I switched it on and it had a full charge so I was able to start straight away. It automatically takes you through a number of steps to complete the set up so its fuss free and straightforward. Its very light and extremely thin and with a powerful processor inside its very fast. As I haven't owned a previous model I can't say how it compares to earlier generations though. After some consideration I went for the 32gb model rather than the 16gb. From what I understand, many of the new apps are in HD and can be quite memory intensive. Also, using it for video can fill up the storage pretty fast and as it lacks the flexibility of adding extra memory its important to get this decision right at the outset.

 The camera is very good and takes great quality pictures. This is definitely an improvement on my 4th generation iTouch, where the picture quality was a let down. Unique to the Air are a number of apps included free which otherwise would have to be paid for on the App Store. These are iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The last three are sort of Apple's versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I have downloaded some of them but have yet to try them so can't comment further on that.

Finally, battery life is excellent. As its my new 'toy' I have been spending a lot of time on it and the battery is lasting well.



jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB

My love for Apple products continues as I have recently acquired an iPhone 4S. The phone belonged to my partner from her previous contract and she has upgraded to the iPhone 5 so kindly gave it to me. The cost to buy the phone new is over £400 so this was a great gift.

The phone is white with a 3.5" diagonal display. It is very slim and sleek like most apple products. The screen is touchscreen and although it is not the largest screen out there it still allows full use of the apps with minimal problems.

I have had the phone a couple of weeks now and it has overshadowed my iPod touch I had. As well as all the standard functions like texting and calling, this phone has so much more. Of course it has all the similar functions to most smartphones like social networking, camera, music etc. but the layout and the ease of using the touchscreen just puts it way above the rest on the market. I have always had issues with smartphones in the past where the more you download the slower they run. But the iPhone does not have this problem. My iPhone 4S has a 16GB memory and although you can get a higher memory this enough for me.

Calls and messaging are neat and simple. The messaging especially keeps a full list of all your previous messages with each person. The iMessage is a good app that makes messages between iPhone users free so it would not deduct from your monthly allowance. This is particularly good as I am on a low tariff anyway.

The internet browser and app store are the most important features for me. The internet browser allows you to open more than one tab but one thing I have learnt is that a lot of internet usage does drain the battery quickly. From the app store you can get all your favourite apps. A particular highlight for me is having the ability to use FaceTime. This is only available on Apple products and is great for keeping in touch with friends and family. But as well as this, you have all the social networking and media apps like Facebook, BBC iplayer, Sky Go etc.

The camera is a great feature. Again, it is so simple to use. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 the camera on the iPhone operates smoothly and allows you to take multiple photos in quick succession. This is especially convenient having a daughter who does not sit still for a photo so it's all about capturing her at the best moment. The camera is 8 megapixels and provides quality photos. Once taken the photos can be edited to your liking.

The battery life is average. As with most smartphones you need to charge it every night. This is the same with the iPhone in this case. I will use it throughout the day and so far I have had no issues with it running out on me before the day is over.

So far, I am very happy with my iPhone 4S. It has a great design and operates smoothly. The simple layout and design is very appealing. As with most Apple products, it does everything I need it to. I will definitely be sticking with the iPhone for the foreseeable future.


viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

I love today’s outfit pics

We're home again and ready to enjoy these days before heading to Barcelona for another special event: the second book signing, that will take place December 5th in El Corte Inglés (Portal de l'Angel) at 7 pm.
By the way, I love today's outfit pics because it is simple and I mix my favorite autumn color, grey, with these booties from my new collection. Happy Friday!

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Berlin Mitte

This is what I wore during my last shooting in Berlin for Patrizia Pepe. It was already very cold in Berlin but that didn't stop us from having tons of fun shooting. 

lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Hope you enjoy

Some weeks ago I travelled to Santiago de Compostela to shoot an interview for Página Reservada, a Santiago TV program, the local TV. You will find the interview below, both parts. Hope you enjoy it and you like it. I wore a classic look my fabric Lovely Miss x Krack shoes and a knitted jacket. What do you think about it?

Thanks a lot for all your comments, specially for the ones you made regarding my change of look. I know that the most important thing is that I like it, but I am happy to know that you like it too.

sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

classy in Madrid

Saturday. Days pass really quickly.This week we've been working on new projects and I had important meetings. I will tell you all the details in a few days. Next week I am heading to Viena and I will visit Madrid too, where I will attend the launch of my book and I will be signing copies. I will be busy running from one place to another carrying out all these projects I have talked you about.
Today I would like to share some of the pics we took last week during our quick trip to Madrid.I wore my Bgo&Me poncho, jeans, my little Louis Vuitton bag and my thigh-high Miss x Krack boots. What do you think about this outfit?

miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

indigo blue

Hello! Here I come wearing a color that flatters my skin: indigo blue. Every time I see it I think it too much of a color, but the thing is that once I try it I see things in a different way. I love this dress because despite the patterns in the fabric and the gathered sleeves, it is very simple. How do you like it?

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System

We set the Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System on a shelf in the lounge and keep it plugged in. The wire does detract from the overall look of it, I have to say, but it's sensible to keep it plugged in rather than opt to purchase the additional rechargable battery as if it ran out of battery it might lose it's configuration which would be annoying. Still, it would have been nice for the proce for it to come with the speaker so we had the option of using it in the garden on good days.

The speaker is very easy to use in terms of streaming music, we've used it with an Apple Macbook, a Lenovo laptop, an iPad, eePad, iPhone and Samsung SIII and each one of these has streamed mp3s, internet radio and audio books no problem. It works well with Spotify content and overall the quality of the sound for the volume we use it at is brilliant. For a big house or a loud party it might not have the power you'd be looking for but our lounge is small and we have a toddler so we're limited in how loud or booming we can have our music anyway - it goes more than loud enough with excellent quality for most music fans to be very happy with.

The remote control is very easy to use and very responsive, though being so small it isn't half easy to lose - we tend to put it on the shelf with the unit and control the volume via our streaming device!

martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

The Spanish brand Loewe has launched a new bag

I can now tell you all the details about my new collaboration. The Spanish brand Loewe has launched a new bag. Cruz is its name, as it has been designed by Penélope and Mónica Cruz. Loewe asked me and my sister to take part in their new campaign, #loewesisters, with five international bloggers and their sisters too. You will know the name of these girls throughout the week in Loewe's social networking (@loewemadrid).
 For Cynthia, my sis, and I, is something really special. She is my sister but we are best friends too, so that makes it even more special. She is unique and has a brilliant mind; she´s generous, has a huge heart and she's a constant person. We have mutual admiration and we love each other above anything. So we have had lots of fun taking part in this new campaign together.
Cruz bag is available in three different sizes and in several colors. For the photo shoot, we both chose the same size, but Cynthia preferred it in black and I got the blue one. Hope you enjoy the pics, which were taken by De Castro. I love them! Thank you very much for all your comments.

lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

checked coat

I have decided to start the week with these photos of what I wore yesterday. I rocked a checked grey and blue coat, a grey wooly jumper, blue jeans and my cowboy ankle boots. This is how I decided to spend my sunday! I am off to get this week's posts sorted out, I have lots of new looks to show you and a few surprises in store ,-) Big kiss and a massive hello to everyone!

sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

Party with Paris

Announcing the winner of my "Party with Paris" contest tomorrow!

Enter for a chance to win 2 spots on my VIP list tonight before it's too late:


viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

all grey everything

 I´ve always said that one of my favorite colors is grey. In fact, you have seen lots of looks where grey plays the main role, such as this outfit, this one and this one too. A couple of days ago, I went deco shopping and I wore a very comfy look, with my Isabel Marant booties, one of the best purchases I´ve ever made (I would by other pair in another color), this Ramonas funny sweater (you know I love these type of garments). Is grey one of your fav colors?
Today I am coming home from Barcelona and I really want to share with you all the new projects that are on the way, like a special shooting for Loewe, or the official laucnhing day of my book. But, know it´s time to enjoy Halloween!  and you already can find a new model of my fourth Shoe line collection Lovely Pepa x Krack at their website, do you wanna discover which one is it? Click here. Thanks for all your comments.

martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Toucan Can - Juliette MacIver

While this book is fun (and we mustn't over look this, because it is Super fun, capital S) it is also a brilliant one for engaging your child as you read to them. You can talk about what Toucan can do, and later what you can do that Toucan can't. You can talk about families and whether your aunts are like Ewan's aunts, and whether they too have pet pandas. And you can talk about animals generally because there are so many new ones in this book they might not have come across before - like goose and gander and panther and salamander. It's a lovely imaginative book in which kangaroos do kung fu (the panda doesn't - that would be too much of a cliché) and an eclectic mix of animals live (and dance) in harmony.

Even as a child, I appreciated that hardbacks were that little bit more magical than paperbacks, and this edition is no exception. The colours are so vibrant and the animals jump (and swing and dance) right off the page at you. The paper is silky, glossy, feels like a treat to read and the pages are huge and full of detail, though text is limited to a line or two per page to keep it from being too overwhelming. The minutiae are awesome too - the look on Aunty Shanti's face when she sees Aunty Anne and Aunty Candy dancing without her is delicious and will make little ones cackle.

lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Black Butterfly floral 50's Swing Dress

This dress looks absolutely fantastic on me, and I have a far from perfect figure - a definite beer belly, and rather oddly shaped hips. This dress skims over these imperfections, and with the help of the sash gives the impression not only of me having a fairly flat stomach, but also a rather slim looking waist. It does sadly expose my rather chunky upper arms, but these can easily be concealed with a bolero jacket.

The fit is generous - I normally wear a size 22-24 in dresses, and ordered this in a size 24. It fit well, but still had plenty of room left in it, and I was glad for the sash to bring it in around the back. I actually think I could perhaps have gone with ordering a size 22, but I must say it is refreshing to be able to order a dress that does have generous sizing.

I also really like the length of the dress, which comes to just below the knee on me. This allows me to show off my legs, without any risk of showing off anything else should the wind get up. I also love the fact that when I spin, the skirt flares out around me. And I am very impressed with the fact that this dress is machine washable.

H&M Conscious Dress

I purchased both dresses online when I was doing the bulk of my daughters spring/summer wardrobe update. I didn't actually realise it was part of H&M's Conscious range until I received it and duly took all the labels off so Elysia could wear it. Looking at the label it tells me that it is manufactured from 100% organic cotton, oddly there is no mention of the elastane in the waistband. It also informs me that the Conscious Collection is part of H&M's conscious actions for a more sustainable future. It's good to see that a manufacturer is playing their part in a more eco-friendly society. It's just a shame that the ethos doesn't extend to the whole of the stores products and not just a small range. They must be trying hard to rectify this though, as looking online, I found that they are the number one user of organic cotton worldwide.

Looking at the label with the wash care instructions I see there's nothing out of the ordinary there - wash at 40 degrees (or less if you can), do not bleach, do not dry clean (that's fine with me), cool tumble (or better still line dry) and iron on hot. However I also see that this product is manufactured in Bangladesh and this did initially worry me. How can something that's sustainably and organically grown, be sewn together by people who are offered poor pay and even worse employment conditions, surely that's morally and ethically wrong? I had to check to see if this was indeed the case, and I'm pleased to see that well over half a million Bangladeshi garment workers have been educated on their employment rights by H&M. It's a small step, but hopefully it's one in the right direction.

I didn't intend this review to focus on the ethics of the garment but when you purchase something from such a range, you just can't help it. It's a lovely dress, and from a range of clothes of which I shall make a 'Conscious' effort to purchase from again. I recommend it.

domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Millada Lattice Platform Heels

These are shoes I'm far more likely to wear if I know I'm going to be indoors rather than out as the faux suede covers the heel too. I would always avoid wearing them on wooden floors as the stiletto heel is likely to cause far more damage to the floor than to me. I have climbed and descended an old tower in these shoes without falling but I probably was holding people up while taking my time.

These shoes were available in a mint green, pink and black as well as the beige but I'm glad I went for the beige as they do seem a little more timeless. I still have a lot of life left in these shoes so very happy with the price paid for them. Very comfortable, they go with everything and I don't fall over - can't ask for much more!

sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Vanguard Kinray Lite 48Bk

The harness system offers a huge amount of stability to the bag and to me. I often find myself clambering over fallen trees or walking along ridges by the river so having the backpack harnessed means I'm not worrying about it slipping causing me to lose my balance which basic backpacks can do. I love that you're not restricted to the waist and chest harness but can have one strap across body and fastened with the chest harness. This lets me whip the bag across my front to access the side panel to get my camera out quickly rather than having to take the whole bag off to take it out the top.

If I'm not using the bag for the camera I can easily take the padded camera insert out. This in itself isn't heavy but does take up a lot of space. The bag then loses its shape from the front with just the stiffer back to keep its tall shape. If I'm going on a trip I have found myself using this bag more than my regular backpack just for its comfort and streamline design. You do lose the ability to find things easily as you're piling everything on top of each other rather than having the wideness of a suitcase but I find it far more practical.

If there was something I had to change about the bag it would be the inside pocket. Although it's not that deep (which isn't a huge problem) I would have preferred a zip closure rather than just the elasticised band. This is where I'm most likely to keep valuables such as my purse, keys, spare change, phone etc if out walking rather than having these in my clothing pockets but tipping the bag would easily cause anything to fall out and it would have given that little extra safety precaution if out travelling. Someone could far too easily open the external front zip pocket without me noticing, the side opening doesn't open into a pocket and then you're only left with the mesh pocket on the other side. The top loading zip could of course also easily be opened without me noticing but it would then take a thief far more effort to then unzip the inside pocket than just reach in. Thankfully this isn't something I've had to worry about or have experience of but it is something I have to consider when out and about. At least the bag is inconspicuous so it's not obvious the camera is in it.

Generic Android 4.0 Tablet PC

The tablet was easy to set up, I have a Google Play account already so I linked it up to mine. This was bought to keep my daughter from my phone and tablet which she always a wanted to go on. She mainly likes to watch video clips and films on it as well as listen to music. It is a good thing that the tablet has a memory card slot as I filled the memory up in no time.

I found the WIFI on this device a little weak, I had to sit next to my modem to get it to do anything. The quality of the screen when I set it up was also poor compared to other cheap tablets out there. I found the touch screen really hard to use it was really insensitive and needed a good prod to actually work.

Once all loaded up I gave it to my daughter. She became frustrated with this quite quickly as it is very unresponsive we have drawing apps on it which were impossible touse. Another Another thing we found was the sound when watching videos was poor. It sounded echoey, distant and tinny.

The camera on the device was OK my daughter likes to film herself and it suited that purpose.

The battery life on this device is shocking, when the WIFI is on which is infrequent as I turn it off when I am not using it you can see the battery life draining before your eyes. Also despite charging this device for hours a on end the battery never gets full it always stays on 80% ish.

We had this device about 3 months and I have to say I personally would have paid the extra £50 for a decent tablet.

I kept this tablet in a case and it had a screen protector on this, despite this my daughter lent on the screen just her elbow and it cracked completely.

I really wouldn t recommend this. It is cheap and I can see why this would appeal to parents looking to save money but I have since had to fork out for a better tablet that is better quality.

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

I nearly bought an alienware and if it wasn't for the american on the phone who refused to give me 10% off as a treasured returning customer I would have spent £1300 on a lower spec model to that what I am writing this review on now.

Because it was the following day a came across PC specialist's reviewed section. I had visited the website before, and had compared many of the different configurations that can be applied on the very easy to use system. Although if you buy a reviewed PC you don't get the options of upgrades I came across the Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)

The full spec of this machine out weighed the Alienware and MSI and cost £300 less, I got a 120gb SSD and a 1tb hard drive. I ordered it that night.

The PC Specialist customer service is second to none. You are kept informed constantly during the build process and even when my Blueray drive was not available when I phone to enquire the advisor was quick to offer a replacement. I now have a Blueray burner and only paid an extra £10, winner.

I wold fully recommend PC specialist for their superior products at fantastic prices and quality service.

martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Nokia Lumia 920

I am never going to love this phone, but I will tolerate it. I am stuck with it until January 2015 (unless perhaps my boyfriend upgrades his). Even the case I bought for it is tormenting me by falling apart (I thought it was the phone at first).

To be honest I've found it quite therapeutic writing this review, and it'll get me a couple of quid back anyway. Perhaps I have come across as a bit harsh - in reality I probably could overcome some of the issues I have with it, with a bit of time and patience. But I don't have any patience with it.

Although I loved my N8 and my previous phone (Nokia Xpress Music) I very much think that this is the end of the road for me and Nokia. To say I have been disappointed with this phone is an understatement. I simply cannot understand the good reviews it has received. However, a close friend of mine absolutely hated the N8 which for me was perfect. So I guess it's just down to personal preference.


miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

HP Color Laserjet CM2320fxi

The company I work for is on an economy drive at the moment and where we all used to have our own printers on our desks, we have now had these removed to be replaced with a general office printer that we all have to use.

The management tried to sway us by suggesting that our not very good printers were going to be replaced with a top of the range, super-duper printer than does everything. Whereas what actually turned up was a HP CM2320 All In One Printer.

In comparison to my little old Epson printer, this huge beast looked pretty impressive. It is a really large, light grey machine with darker grey sides and what surprised me most is how tall it was. It is more tall than wide so doesn't take up a huge amount of desk space and we managed to fit it on to a small, unused desk and still have room for another machine next to it. Due to its size, it is quite a heavy bit of kit and not one that you would really want to move from place to place.

As it is a company machine, I obviously didn't purchase it personally and so for the purpose of this review, I have looked up the price on the internet and I was surprised to find that it retails at present around the £470 mark. The pull out paper tray is located at the bottom of the printer and there are two pull down sections to insert the cartridges and remove any jammed paper if needed. To copy and scan, you simply lift the lid up and place the paper down on the glass plate.

The reason that surprised me is although it looks a magnificent machine, it really isn't. It is more cost effective than my old printer as the cartridges, although more expensive, do last forever. There are 6 of us who use this printer on a daily basis and so between us, the printer is almost in constant use and the cartridges still last for weeks, even the black one which is impressive.

I personally have found this quite a difficult machine to use though for a few reasons. The one thing that did surprise me is how unbelievably slow it is. This is the case no matter what you are trying to do on this printer. Whether it be printing, photocopying or scanning, I stand patiently waiting for the printer to finally throw out my paperwork and if you are trying to print stuff through Adobe and not just from word or excel, it can be a couple of minutes before you get your work out which for such an expensive printer, I find amazing.

I also find the machine a little temperamental and my work colleagues agree. It certainly isn't the most user friendly machine you will come across and personally I wouldn't pay half the retail cost for it.

This is most definitely a company printer and certainly wouldn't want it to be your home printer as it is far too big and bulky and is quite an eyesore to be honest. I also wouldn't recommend it for a really busy office where there would be far more people using it than we have as I just don't think it would be capable of handling that amount of work.

It is handy that you can photocopy, fax, scan and print on the machine and I do have to admit that the print quality is very sharp and clear which is good. The machine itself is quite easy to use in that we didn't get an instruction manual with it, but we didn't need one and fathomed it all out rather quickly but I would expect a better quality machine than this for the money it costs.

Overall, the print quality is good, the cartridges last well and it does pretty much everything you would need it to, but this printer and I have definitely had 'issues' since working together and to be honest, even though it has its positive points, I wouldn't really recommend this at all. All in all this is a disappointing printer that could be so much better.


martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

After the sad passing of my previous Kindle, I decided to upgrade a notch when replacing what's become an almost essential piece of gadgetry for me. I had my doubts about how necessary the major innovation of this model was - the backlit screen, that is - but then again, I had the same reservations about all aspects of the Kindle generally before I bought it, and have never looked back. So a little faith needed, I thought.

I plumped for the 3G version, which as with previous models, is fractionally more expensive - but I figured it was worth going the whole hog. It's really an advantage, if not an absolute necessity, to be able to access content wherever you are, and it bumps up the whole Kindle experience a bit for me (as well as making it even easier to drop your money on a whim ...)

How is this model different to those before, then? For me, the biggest difference was the introduction of the touchscreen. Again, it's not really a must - it doesn't do anything the previous versions' paddles and buttons didn't, but it's extremely intuitive and makes the navigation of menus in particular much quicker and easier. In terms of performance, this aspect of the Paperwhite is great - responsive and tactile (obviously ...), it's a great addition.

Then there's the backlighting. I was a bit wary of this - one of the best things about Kindle is how they're not-quite-book, not-quite-computer; there's none of the glare and eyestrain that comes with conventional screens, making reading so much more comfortable than I initially assumed it would be. I wondered if this feature would take away from this - but I needn't have worried. Actually, it's a neat upgrade - best of all, it's adjustable on a sliding scale, so it's never brighter than it needs to be and can be controlled and tweaked to your level of comfort. This makes it a bit more versatile than before - it's easy to read in darker light now - without losing anything or sacrificing the major advantages of the Kindle.

Everything that was true of the Kindle before is true of this version - it really does make reading better - you can take books everywhere, you can juggle multiple novels, read documents, instantly buy new material when you've run out ... for me it's a revolution, and this is the logical progression in that process.

martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2

Brought this phone recently and having always been an iphone person I'm surprised how good samsungs actually are especially this phone.


- Graphics are excellent especially when looking at photos/videos or playing racing apps
- Menu is very easy to use and to navigate around, you can also customize home screen easily to allow for easy access to favorite apps.
- Touch screen is extremely good and very smooth, especially when sliding from one page to another.
- Camera is very good, and the pictures look excellent even when blown up on computers.
- Design is very sleek and light
- Battery is very good and if youre not playing games/music it lasts for days and days.


- Phone can get very hot, especially when talking to someone on it as youre holding the phone but becomes unbearable sometimes.
- Battery life is good, however downloading apps its awful, with the battery life decreasing hugely.
- I also found that over time battery life gets worse and worse so be careful how many times you charge it.
- Not the most durable phone there is, my friend dropped it off a chair and it smashed.
- The phone - computer software is tricky to set up on windows 8 laptops/computers for some reason.

jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013


The headphones came packaged in thick plastic, through which the headphones can clearly be seen. I needed a sharp pair of scissors (and a fair bit of patience) to open the packaging.

Initially I thought that the headphones felt a little flimsy, my daughter has took much better care of these ones but I am still a little surprise that they have lasted this long, so it seems they are of a better quality than I had first thought. They are incredibly lightweight, in fact holding them in my hand now it barely feels like I am holding anything at all.

The stainless steal headband is adjustable, they are really simple to adjust should you need them a little bigger or smaller. My daughter has them on the smallest possible setting, on the few occasions I have borrowed them I tend to have them set somewhere in the middle. They fit very well and do not move about or slip off. There is a "L" and a "R" on each side to ensure the headphones are on the correct way although I am not sure that my daughter pays much attention to this.

As mentioned earlier we have the red headphones looking at them now I cannot believe how good these look, there is no scratches or marks on them, in fact they still look really bright and shiny. The brand name is clearly displayed on each of the earphones in silver capital letters. The ear phones are padded inside and both my daughter and I find them comfortable on the ears. JVC claim that they have a "noise cancelling design", whilst wearing them they do cancel out most of the sounds from outside, but not completely. Personally I quite like this as my daughter can get quite absorbed in her music and games, so I like that she is at least a little aware of whats going on around her. Most importantly, others around cannot hear any noise coming from the headphones, which is a plus when Justin Bieber is my daughters choice of "music". The volume however is determind by the setting on the device not the headphones, I would have liked a separate volume control on the actual headphones but its not something that has ever bothered my daughter. I do encourage her to make sure the volume is not too loud on her device as I am aware that this can be dangerous.

Now, these are called "flats", not because they make the music sounds particularly flat but because they fold flat. The ear phones can twist about a little and therefore lie flat. Combined with their light weight this has proved to be incredibly helpful and useful. My daughter often stays at her grandparents house and packs a rather large suitcase to take with her and of course all her devices go with her including these headphones. The headphones can be neatly placed in the suitcase without the ear parts sticking out, meaning they are a little less likely to get broken.

The cable is black in colour and measure 1.2m, its a nice length - being neither overly long or too short - which suits my daughters needs well. As the cable is quite thin it has got tangled on a few occasions but this seems to be a problem with most headphones and I can easily untangle it.

As mentioned earlier I have borrowed these headphones on a few occasions although I haven't used them to listen to music but catch up on some TV through BBC iplayer. As I don't want to disturb my boyfriends sleep whilst I catch up on the latest goings on in " The White Queen" on my laptop, I stick these on. I have found the sound quality to be pretty good, they are certainly not amazing but they are much better than I was expecting. I've just had a little listen to my daughters MP3 with these headphones and the sound is pretty good, my daughter has never complained that they have a poor sound quality.



I have lost so many pairs of earphones that I am starting to think that my house has little borrower people living in it. I put them down in one place and never see them again. I have lost at least 10 pairs of Apple earphones in the last couple of years and it is starting to get expensive. I have bought a couple of pairs of so-called, genuine Apple earphones on Ebay but they have been useless. So I have been on a mission to buy a decent pair of earphones at a reasonable price. When it comes to earphones I really don't like the ones which go right inside my ear, so I normal opt for the ones that sit just on the inside of the ear. Please see below for my thoughts on these earphones...

~*~*~ Packaging, Price and Availability ~*~*~

These Gummy earphones come in a transparent, hard, plastic container. On the front of the packaging is the JVC logo and the name of the product 'Gummy'. Because the packaging is transparent the earphones are easily viewable. The earphones are made front a soft, durable silicone. The cable is 1m long and the earphones can be plugged into any device with a 3.5mm stereo socket. The earphones comes in a variety of different colours such as pink, blue, green, white, black and the list goes on.

I purchased my earphones from Tesco's for around £5.00, but they are currently on offer at £4.00 (as of 03/09/2013). These earphones can also be purchased from Asda, Sainsbury's, Ebay and Amazon, for around the same price.

~*~*~ My Thoughts ~*~*~

I decided to try these earphones as the packaging was very eye catching and funky looking. The fact that these come in all different colours was also a plus as I choose the pink ones as I knew my brothers or partner probably wouldn't pinch them. I also purchased these because they were the kind of earphone that just rest on the inner part of your ear and don't go all the way in, this was clear to see as the packaging was transparent.

Once I placed the earphones in my ear I found them very comfortable to wear, they also didn't keep dropping out every minute. Once they are placed in the ear they are a snug fit and they feel very secure. I also go running with these earphones in and they always stay put. The cable is of the earphones is a perfect length, not too long and not too short.

Now the most important question... Sound quality!

The sound quality of these earphones is fantastic. The sound is very clear and there is no 'tingy' sound which I have found with other cheap earphones in the past. They also block background noises very well. I think these are just as good, if not better, than Apple earphones.

sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Almirall, Airtal Comprimidos Aceclofenaco: los comprimidos que acabaron con el dolor de mis muelas del juicio

Nada me fue mejor que los Almirall, Airtal Comprimidos Aceclofenaco para acabar con los dolores de mis muelas del juicio. Estaban saliendo y me estaban matando de dolor.

El dentista me recetó un par de estos comprimidos cada día, uno por la mañana después del desayuno y otro por la noche después de la cena. Tienes que tomarlos siempre con el estómago lleno porque son muy fuertes. Yo empecé a tomar dos y acabé tomando sólo uno porque por la mañana suelo desayunar poco y mi estómago quedaba fatal. El dentista me recomendó un protector para el estómago, pero preferí tomar sólo un comprimido de Almirall, Airtal Comprimidos Aceclofenaco y pasar del protector.

Tuve de sobra. En dos días estaba como nueva. A los tres días me bajo totalmente la hinchazón de la cara. Tomé un comprimido más y lo dejé.

No fue está la única vez que tomé los Almirall, Airtal Comprimidos Aceclofenaco. en otra ocasión los tomé para mis dolores de lumbago. Se me fueron en un plis plas.

Os recomiendo el Almirall, Airtal Comprimidos Aceclofenaco porque es un antiinflamatorio eficaz, tan eficaz como fuerte. Siempre lo he tomado con receta médica. Si vas con una receta del médico de cabecera te sale muy baratito en la farmacia.

Lo que no os recomiendo es abusar de su consumo. Es tan fuerte que tienes que comer bastante previamente para que no te estropee el estómago. Por eso tuve que dejarlo de tomar por la mañana en el desayuno cuando lo tomaba para los dolores de mis muelas del juicio.

Los comprimidos se toman bien. Los tragas y te bebes un vaso de agua bien lleno. No saben a nada.

jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

This phone is a cheaper smartphone compared to many on the market today such as the Iphone, Samsung S3, Samsung Note, Blackberry's et. However, retailing at over £100, I would still expect more. I found the phone unreliable and a downright nuisance when trying to run simple things such as the phonebook or messaging function. I have had older phones in the past which I would find more reliable than this one and have been put off from purchasing a Samsung mobile in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace can be purchased at Argos, Tesco and high street phone shops such as Carphone Warehouse, Orange, Tesco Mobile etc and is available on a range of networks on either Pay as You Go or Contract.

** PRO's **

Sleek design and light weight, this phone fits simply into pockets and handbags and isn't like many of the large smartphones out today i.e. Samsung Note and S3

Android phone - Enables you to download many apps from the Android market simply by logging on with a googlemail account and either downloading free apps or paying for them securely and efficiently

Large enough screen which can be zoomed in, which is ideal for browsing the web, watching video's on youtube etc

Easy enough for texting using the touch-screen keyboard with large enough icons, making texting simple and quick

** CON's **

Having installed a micro-SD card into the phone, I thought that this would be sufficient memory to download a couple of APPS on to the phone to enhance the durability. However, after installing the Facebook app on the phone and only having a couple of photo's, it became apparent that the phone would become very slow, before eventually telling me there was insufficient room for any more apps to be installed (I only had the one!)

Opening up my contacts / messaging folder would bring up a black screen for several minutes, which is not ideal if you need to make an emergency call etc

Battery life - Even using this sparingly during the day, I found I would need to charge it overnight to ensure that there would be enough battery life in the phone to last a full day

lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Lovely dinner at Ca'n Carlos Restaurant

Such a lovely dinner at Ca'n Carlos Restaurant tonight in Formentera. Such a charming atmosphere & the food is incredible.

martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Como ablandar las callosidades de los pies con los Compeed Durezas Grandes

Mi madre siempre ha tenido problemas de callosidades grandes en sus pies. Ahora no va tanto al podólogo desde que se pone los Compeed Durezas Grandes cuando nota que las callosidades se le están empezando a formar en las plantas de los pies cuando pasamos de verano a invierno u otoño, que es cuando ella tiene peor los pies.

Yo también uso de vez en cuando los Compeed Durezas Grandes porque servidora más que callos grandes lo que tiene es callos que causan dolor sin dar mucho la nota en vistosidad. Pues bien, los Compeed Durezas Grandes tienen un gel tan suave que me los va ablandando hasta que me salen las callosidades al lavarme los pies.

Se venden en envases de sólo dos unidades que cuestan 4,65 euros en la parafarmacia de mi barrio. Son más caros que los apósitos similares que comercializan otras la competencia, pero no se pueden comparar en calidad. Pones un Compeed Durezas Grandes y notas un alivio inmediato. Se pegan muy bien a las plantas de los pies. A mí me aguantan pegados unos tres días largos. Es raro que tenga que no y ponerme el otro porque con uno tengo más que suficiente para ablandar la callosidad dejando la zona bien hidratada.

Mi marido también los usa. Él lo hace de manera preventiva: antes de que la callosidad debajo de los dedos de los pies ya se pone los apósitos porque siempre le sale en el mismo sitio. Yo prefiero que callosidad antes de ponerme un Compeed Durezas Grandes para ablandarla.

lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

Juguetes para mascotas: Zanahoria vinilo

La Zanahoria Vinilo la compré para regalársela a una perrita muy mona que tiene mi madre. Me pareció ideal porque en la tienda de mascotas me dijeron que salía resistente para perros pequeños y medianos. Así ha sido. La perrita de mi madre lo muerde y no consigue romperlo.

Es un juguete de unos 19 cm de longitud que hace un ruido agobiante cuando lo aprietas. El ruido en cuestión le encanta a nuestra perrita y a mis niñas. Yo no puedo decir que me guste mucho. Me acaba con los nervios.

Pero la ventaja es que tienes a la perrita entretenida con el juguete. Y a mis hijas también. Juegan las tres mientras los mayores hablamos de nuestras cosas sin interrupciones.

La zanahoria tiene un diseño muy conseguido. Parece una zanahoria tal cual si no fuera por la simpática carita que tiene dibujada debajo del ramaje verde. Es igualita a las zanahorias de rama que yo compro alguna vez en la frutería, a esas zanahorias que son más tiernas que las que vienen en bolsas o te venden por peso. Me refiero a las zanahorias de manojo.

Volviendo a la Zanahoria vinilo he de decir que está tirada de precio. Me costó 1,50 euros en una tienda de mascotas de mi barrio.

Yo la tengo más que amortizada. En la casa de mi madre entretiene a las niñas y a la perra. Nunca un juguete dio para tanto.

La desventaja es el ruido machacón que hace. Es un ruido que atrae mucho a los perros. Lo mismo puedo decir de su color, un color naranja bastante chillón; color a zanahoria fresca.

miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013


Le compré el Garnier Olia 4.0 Castaño Tinte a mi madre porque el tinte que usaba llevaba amoníaco y le estaba estropeando bastante el pelo.

El Garnier Olia 4.0 Castaño Tinte es un tinte que no lleva amoníaco y te cubre bien el pelo, sobre todo las canas. En concreto este castaño. Y lo mismo puedo decir de los tonos rubios que uso yo.

Es un tinte que te aplicas como todos los tintes de teñirte en casa. Yo me enfundo los guantes que vienen en la caja, mezclo el líquido revelador con el tubo de crema en el aplicador, agito bien y me lo aplico echando más cantidad en las raíces.

¿El resultado? Un pelo bien teñido, brillante, con aspecto natural.

Siempre espero una media hora larga para que el tinte me cubra bien. Después me aclaro la cabeza, la lavo con un buen champú, me pongo acondicionador. No siempre uso el acondicionador que trae la caja porque para mí es muy poco cantidad. Apenas trae una muestra. Suelo ponerme acondicionador del mío, uno que tenga por casa y esté usando.

Yo estoy muy contenta con estos tintes. En total tienen 21 colores, muchos rubios y castaños. Los rubios son los míos. Los castaños son los de mi madre. A ella le encanta el Garnier Olia 4.0 Castaño Tinte que en su pelo no queda nada oscuro porque tiene bastantes canas.

Lo que no encuentras en esta marca son tintes estrafalarios. Nada de azules o verdes o ese rosa horrible que se puso la semana pasada mi hermana en una peluquería y casi nos mata del susto cuando la vimos.

Para mí estos tintes son perfectos. No me dañan nada el pelo y aguantan un montón. No importa que te laves la cabeza todos los días porque el color se mantiene en bastantes buenas condiciones. Yo si me vuelvo a teñir es porque la raíces crecen.

No son tintes nada caros. Me costó en el supermercado 8,95 euros. Los he visto a vender en bastantes supermercado y también en perfumerías. Son tintes fáciles de encontrar.

sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung galaxy S2 has everything you could want in a smart phone. Though, at over 2 years old, the technology is starting to feel dated. A tangible interface makes this phone ideal for people who like ease of use, though it is only a spectrum in the shadow of its successor, the samsung galaxy S3.

Android makes this phone fluid, accessable and innovative whilst still keeping a professional feel on the worlds thinnest handset (at the time). Not to mention that the phone makes fantastic use of samsungs flagship super LED dynamic screen display.

I've now had the fortune of owning this phone for over 2 years and i can honestly say its been a pleasure to own. Its never broken on me and has served me well. The only downside would be the pretty poor battery life but thats to be expected in such a powerful smart phone.

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB Black

I was so sceptical about tablets before but I had come into some money and bought one because my friend had one and I used it pretty much constantly so I decided to get one maybe simply because I wanted it and for no other reason.. at the time. But then again at the time I personally never saw a use for tablets. Simply because they weren't better than a desktop, laptop or console. So what is the point? But you really have to try one out to understand at least I did.

Now I have a completely different view I use this all the time, to watch TV, Movies, play games browse the internet etc.

I chose the iPad over any other tablet as I have an Android Phone (HTC Desire C) and I will continue to so. I wanted apps individual to the App Store as I already had apps individual to the Play Store on my phone. The reason I got the 16GB is simply because I wasn't going to use it for that much so I wouldn't need a 32 GB storage. 16GB is more than enough for a wide range of games and man many songs. I'm no where near the full storage of it yet and I have 450 songs and around 15 games 30 apps overall.

The main reason I got the mini is because I want to go around using it, the bigger iPad is not convenient to do so. It is very light and you can do pretty much whatever, listen to music, read books, play games etc. You could also go on the internet and browse Facebook if you got the version that also has mobile internet I unfortunately did not but I didn't feel I needed that functionality. Would be nice though. The only problem I would have with the carrying it around is the worry of it being stolen which is a big possibility. Apple does offer a year warranty with the iPad and after you can get third party insurance for it if you so wanted.

Are there differences from the 'normal' iPad? Yes there is a few nothing massive though, obviously the smaller screen size, it is lighter, it is thinner. The components are slightly scaled down but it is still lightning fast, I will give all the specifications later on in the review.

miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S

Had this phone around 6 months and been very happy with it.

There is a huge range of apps which you can download at your will, (does take up lots of 3G) so make sure you download on wifi. However some of the high quality game apps for example fifa and certain driving games can lack and relax the reactive touch that you want, which does become quite frustrating and can make you lose games/crash.

The screen is crystal clear, it really is brilliant and can even be said to be better than iphone screens. This certainly helps as you can watch a film on the big screen with comfort. The battery life is very good, and even on the internet the battery life remains impressive, only time it doesnt is when you're downloading.

The fact that it has a normal headphone jack (not phone specified) makes it handy and you can use your own headphone in it makes everything a lot easier. Despite looking fragile mine is actually quite durable having dropped it many times before.

The camera is very good, and again the pictures look very good on the phone. And even better when you've downloaded them onto your laptop/computer. However I found when my software was downloading to be compatible with my phone it took ages and my laptop kept rejecting it (could just be my laptop though being over cautious)

All in all good phone!

Samsung Galaxy Y

High-end this isn't - although it could just about pass for a top-notch smart phone (notwithstanding its diminutive size), this is very much the entry-level end of the market. With the same basic stylings as the higher-level models in the Samsung Galaxy series, this certainly ticks the visual boxes - it's neat, functional, sleek - so good first impressions are made. A quick play around with the Y, however, shows up its deficiencies.

Of course, it's worth qualifying this - you pay proportionately for what you're (not) getting. I - like most of the phone's owners, I imagine - got the handset free with a pretty modest contract, so expectations were hardly sky-high. Indeed, I'm actually pretty happy with what I've got. I don't feel like I need the bells-and-whistles, all-singing end of the market, so the Y feels like a good choice. It's just worth emphasising that this is very much a my-first-smartphone type thing.

The basics are all here - social networking is well-integrated, there's a decent camera, sensitive touchscreen, a variety of apps and whatnot - but the quality of these is patchy, thanks to the handset. Basically, it's screen size that's the issue - there's only so much you can do with a 3-inch screen; websites need to be zoomed in so much that it's hard to work out where you are, and texts take up the whole of the screen in landscape mode, meaning you can't see what you've previously said. What's more, with so little space, all manner of simple tasks are fiddly, and frustration can be substantial.

The hardware underpinning it all does its job just fine, and it's a generally well-designed phone. It's just well worth being clear on what you want and asking yourself whether you wouldn't rather pay a little more for a phone that really makes the most of the smartphone experience.

jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Oriflame Essentials Moisture Concentrate

I've been a user of Oriflame products on and off for several years now as my cousin's wife is a distributor in India and whenever I visited there in the last decade I'd buy a few products from her as she provided some samples which got me hooked. As I'd not been there for a few years, I thought I'd better look up their products from a more local source so tracked down the website and ordered a handful of items to expand up my beauty products collection. 


Oriflame Essentials Moisture Concentrate is a moisturiser containing multi-vitamin complex suitable for all skin type. It's targeted at women of all ages and all skin types who are not looking to spend a small fortune on their beauty regime but to be assured of a safe skin care. It is an intensive triple-action cream which protects, nourishes and hydrates your skin and can be used for both day and night moisturising.

The cream arrives in a rather plain looking tub, which is no issue at all as an expensive looking container doesn't necessarily mean the product is any better. The container is easy to open with a twist off lid.


I won't say that this is going on my list of must have products. I have been using it for a few weeks and found it sort of does some of what it claims to do. It does moisturise and to some extent it nourishes and hydrates the skin but not as good as most other similar products I've used. When applying the cream I don't think it absorbs as easily as other similar products and the texture itself feels "cheap" somehow if that makes sense - reminds me of something you'd buy in a £ shop and learn your lesson and never try again!

I'm also not exactly enamoured of the scent that this cream has. It's not exactly unpleasant but personally I find myself cringing somewhat when applying as I just can't find myself ignoring the scent.

I've used this cream before going to bed and feel my skin feels dry quite soon afterwards. I've also been wearing it in the morning before applying my foundation and definitely don't think it's good as a base before applying foundation (which I've done for years with other products. I've gone back to using Ponds Hydronourishing as I find this much better for me personally.

I'm not convinced it's worth its price tag at the reduced price and most definitely not worth the full original price. It's difficult to tell also whether the multi-vitamin complex is of any benefit.

Overall I wouldn't give this more than an average 3 out of 5.


I paid £5.95 for a 75ml tub which I felt was a real bargain until I saw the original price was actually £9.95. I thought it would be definitely worth it for £5.95 as I generally pay that for 50ml of similar moisturising products. But after testing it out seems it wasn't actually worth it! 


In case you'd really like to know the full ingredients in this product or to ensure you're not allergic to anything contained in it, below is a full list of ingredients:

Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Petrolatum, Butylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Peg-2 Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Parfum, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Niacinamide, Ethylparaben, Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Calcium Pantothenate, Maltodextrin, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Pyridoxine Hcl, Tocopheryl Acetate, Silica

Moa The Green Balm

Have you ever come across a product that you have loved as soon as you have set eyes on it? It isn't something that happens very often to me but just recently it has and today I am going to share with you my love for one product.

Arriving in a cardboard tube, which is stunning to look at and something that immediately grabs your attention, I introduce you to Móa The Green Balm 50ml and Luxurious Bamboo Face Cloth. I simply adore this packaging, not only does it tell you everything you need to know about what is inside, it is just so different to everything else on my shelf and is so unique I cant help but smile when I see it.

Moa is described like this, "It might not have been made by witches or wizards, but hidden inside each tube of Móa's new 'Daily Cleansing Ritual' is a balm that magically helps to remove even the most stubborn of makeup, clears up acne, nourishes dry skin and removes impurities to leave the skin balanced and glowing...". Perfect right? Well I thought so and as soon as you open the tube, inside you are greeted with the softest cloth I have ever come across, I simply wanted to curl up and just stroke it, it is that soft. Made of Bamboo Fibre, this cloth is naturally anti-bacterial and is one of the planets more eco materials and because it is so soft, on your face it feel like heaven.

The balm itself which is inside a plastic tub, is slightly green in colour, is 100% natural and is a cleansing facial balm which is jam packed full of ingredients such as:

--> Yarrow to target black heads, tone and prevent wrinkles. This ingredient is also anti-ageing and has astringent properties
--> Tea Tree Oil which hosts anti-bacterial properties to help fight skin blemishes,
--> Coconut and Almond oils which both work to soothe and nourish,
--> Soy bean oil which is an anti-oxidant that helps to restore and balance, Beeswax which helps to protect the skin without clogging pores.

Naturally there are many more ingredients that you might want to look at and you can find them all listed on the Móa website.

As I have said in previous reviews, I have combination skin which leads more to the oily side and I was a little unsure about using a balm as a cleanser because I didn't want to clog my pores or dry my skin out. Boy was I surprised! This balm simply glides onto your skin, grabs everything that needs to be removed and walks right off with it leaving your face not only feeling clean, but feeling clean. On the side of the beautiful tube there are some directions on how to use this balm and I followed them:

The step by step cleansing ritual:

1) Take some green balm and melt it between your fingertips to create an oil.
your face Smear the oil over your eye makeup, smudging it away from the eyes.
2) Massage your face with a little more balm to encourage better lymph circulation and tone the facial muscles.
3) Dip cloth in hot water (not too hot), wring it out, and press it to your face; steaming away the oil and impurities, whilst sealing in the essential oil goodness.
4) Finish by dipping your cloth in cold water, and press the super-soft side to your face; to tone and close the pores...magic!

The balm inside the tub is fairly solid, as soon as your fingers touch it, it begins to melt and it has a Vaseline type feel to it as it does begin to melt. This helps to make it much easier to apply to your face. As you apply to you face you can really smell the tea tree oil and as it absorbs itself into your skin, I was surprised to find my skin didn't look oily at all, left behind was everything on my face make-up wise that had been lifted up from my skin and smudged across my face (not attractive) and impressively my mascara 'They're Real' was also removed and for those who wear it, you will appreciate how tough it can be to do that! Infact it removes all traces of make-up and also manages to find some dirt and grime to remove from your face too, giving your skin a very good cleansing treatment.

As I applied this to my face, in my bathroom sink, I had already run the hot tap to ensure there was hot water ready for the cloth to be dipped in. I shoved the whole cloth into the water and then wrung it out so it wasn't dripping wet, and then held it to my face so the steam could work with the balm to draw out the all the impurities from my skin. Then, as you more the cloth from your face, you need to this time wring the cloth out again and repeat the actions above, but this time using cold water. I used really cold water and then using the softest side of the cloth, pressed it to my face which is absolute heaven, I would pay someone to do this too me it is so relaxing and the reason you do this is because it helps to tone and then close the pores on your face, locking in all the goodness of the oil.

After using this balm, my face was so soft to the touch it was wonderful and if you are a fan of products which are hot cloth cleansers like me, then I have no doubt that you will not only like this product, you will, like me, love it. Having used it for the last weeks in a row continuously, I have noticed that my oily t-zone is hardly noticeable, not something I have been able to say for quite a while now and I love the feeling of not having to constantly worry my face might look a bit greasy, especially now we have a change in temperature, something which always affects my skin.

I wouldn't hesitate to keep on purchasing this product it is so lovely and the cloth, which I also adore is really easy to wash, just bung it in your washing machine and then let it dry naturally and it is as good as new, hopefully one day we will be able to purchase extra cloths which I feel is needed for something you use on a daily basis. You can purchase this product for £14.99 and again you can find more information about it on the official website.

lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Paris Hilton Sheer Eau de Parfum

I heard that some people liked this perfume cause of the musky floral smells, but when I tried it I had different thoughts and it was nothing what I've heard from other people, and I will say that I don't have that much to say about this product either as I didn't really like it.

I saw this perfume in Wilkinson when it was reduced from 10 pounds down to five pounds (as the box had been bashed around a little but the perfume and the bottle were still in good condition) I asked for a tester and I first thought that the perfume smell was a bit strong and would calm down a bit in the next few minutes, actually it was stronger but I didn't find the smell very pleasant as I thought it smelt a bit 'off.' It was either me or I'm not a huge fan of spicy smells but the spicy smell was too strong for me. And even worse, the smell was so addicting, may be Ok for those who like this perfume.

However the bottle off the perfume is very nice, but I'm not keen on the bottle as it looks a bit plain and has 'Paris Hilton' taking most of the space on the box, and also has a picture of herself on the back. It can be quite cheap this product and you can find in most shops like Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Wilkinson - but Savers and Wilkinson tend to be a lot cheaper than Boots and Superdrug. As in Savers/Wilkinson you can get is as cheap as eight pounds for 30 ml.

Overall, I don't like this perfume, it's not the worst i've ever tried but It's a perfume I'll never use/try again. Myself, not being a Paris Hilton fan it's not me worth buying it. As well as I have said in one of my previous reviews I'm not a huge fan of spicy smelling perfumes but I have to say that this perfume is far too spicy for me or as I call it 'smells off.'

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation SPF15 Reviews

I hardly ever wear make up - just for special occasions and important work meetings. So as you can imagine foundation isn't/wasn't very important to me. Before I bought this foundation I had a very old powder foundation that I had kept for years. But just recently I thought I should look into getting something which would give me a better coverage and which would feel nicer on my skin. I went into a department store and spoke to someone on the Lancôme desk about foundations. The staff were very friendly and not at all pushy (and not orange either, always a good sign!). They looked at my skin and recommended this foundation.

Now like I said I hardly ever wear make up but since buying this foundation I use it a lot more. It's so light it doesn't really feel like its on my skin. With my old foundation it felt really heavy on my skin, but I feel my skin can breathe with this one. It's in a glass bottle and has a pump. A teeny tiny bit goes a really long way which is great because it costs around £25. It is honestly worth it though. Now when I have a spot or blemish I can cover it really well and I get a really even skin tone. The staff helped choose a colour for me and it is really a perfect match. The fact it has a SPF 15 is a real bonus because I wouldn't really want to wear sun cream and foundation.
This foundation also doesn't have a heavy cosmetic smell which has always put me off getting a liquid foundation.
Overall I think it is a great product. Yes it is a bit pricey but its going to last me a while because a little goes a long way.

Hermes Un Jardin sur Le Nil Eau de Toilette

I  typically wear very fruity perfumes - my last two fragrances have been Viva La Juicy! and Escada's Rockin Rio. I was shopping at Hermes and received a vial of this as a sample. I wasn't sure about this perfume at first as it's very spicy and almost lemony, bitter initially - I thought it was one of Hermes' unisex perfumes at first. However, the initial harshness of the fragrance did fade into a very fresh, very girlish scent that played well with my body chemistry - it's slightly musky, though very light and very, very unique - I haven't smelled a perfume like this in a very long time. I was concerned that, as it's Hermes, that it might give off a very mature smell - I am only 22, and don't really want to smell like a grandma! These fears were unfounded - if anything, the lasting scent is incredibly fresh and active. What is more, I was pleased with how long the scent actually lasted - this is one of those perfumes that will (pleasantly) linger on your clothes for days after the initial spray, a clear indicator of its high quality, though you could hardly expect anything less from Hermes. It's a bit pricier than my normal perfumes are, but due to its high quality, I think it might be worth the splurge.