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miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S

Had this phone around 6 months and been very happy with it.

There is a huge range of apps which you can download at your will, (does take up lots of 3G) so make sure you download on wifi. However some of the high quality game apps for example fifa and certain driving games can lack and relax the reactive touch that you want, which does become quite frustrating and can make you lose games/crash.

The screen is crystal clear, it really is brilliant and can even be said to be better than iphone screens. This certainly helps as you can watch a film on the big screen with comfort. The battery life is very good, and even on the internet the battery life remains impressive, only time it doesnt is when you're downloading.

The fact that it has a normal headphone jack (not phone specified) makes it handy and you can use your own headphone in it makes everything a lot easier. Despite looking fragile mine is actually quite durable having dropped it many times before.

The camera is very good, and again the pictures look very good on the phone. And even better when you've downloaded them onto your laptop/computer. However I found when my software was downloading to be compatible with my phone it took ages and my laptop kept rejecting it (could just be my laptop though being over cautious)

All in all good phone!