lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Hermes Un Jardin sur Le Nil Eau de Toilette

I  typically wear very fruity perfumes - my last two fragrances have been Viva La Juicy! and Escada's Rockin Rio. I was shopping at Hermes and received a vial of this as a sample. I wasn't sure about this perfume at first as it's very spicy and almost lemony, bitter initially - I thought it was one of Hermes' unisex perfumes at first. However, the initial harshness of the fragrance did fade into a very fresh, very girlish scent that played well with my body chemistry - it's slightly musky, though very light and very, very unique - I haven't smelled a perfume like this in a very long time. I was concerned that, as it's Hermes, that it might give off a very mature smell - I am only 22, and don't really want to smell like a grandma! These fears were unfounded - if anything, the lasting scent is incredibly fresh and active. What is more, I was pleased with how long the scent actually lasted - this is one of those perfumes that will (pleasantly) linger on your clothes for days after the initial spray, a clear indicator of its high quality, though you could hardly expect anything less from Hermes. It's a bit pricier than my normal perfumes are, but due to its high quality, I think it might be worth the splurge.