lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Paris Hilton Sheer Eau de Parfum

I heard that some people liked this perfume cause of the musky floral smells, but when I tried it I had different thoughts and it was nothing what I've heard from other people, and I will say that I don't have that much to say about this product either as I didn't really like it.

I saw this perfume in Wilkinson when it was reduced from 10 pounds down to five pounds (as the box had been bashed around a little but the perfume and the bottle were still in good condition) I asked for a tester and I first thought that the perfume smell was a bit strong and would calm down a bit in the next few minutes, actually it was stronger but I didn't find the smell very pleasant as I thought it smelt a bit 'off.' It was either me or I'm not a huge fan of spicy smells but the spicy smell was too strong for me. And even worse, the smell was so addicting, may be Ok for those who like this perfume.

However the bottle off the perfume is very nice, but I'm not keen on the bottle as it looks a bit plain and has 'Paris Hilton' taking most of the space on the box, and also has a picture of herself on the back. It can be quite cheap this product and you can find in most shops like Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Wilkinson - but Savers and Wilkinson tend to be a lot cheaper than Boots and Superdrug. As in Savers/Wilkinson you can get is as cheap as eight pounds for 30 ml.

Overall, I don't like this perfume, it's not the worst i've ever tried but It's a perfume I'll never use/try again. Myself, not being a Paris Hilton fan it's not me worth buying it. As well as I have said in one of my previous reviews I'm not a huge fan of spicy smelling perfumes but I have to say that this perfume is far too spicy for me or as I call it 'smells off.'