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jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Apple iPad Air 32GB

I  got a present of an Apple iTouch a couple of years ago and have used it constantly ever since. It's only drawback was its tiny screen which meant surfing the web was an uncomfortable and awkward experience. The only surfing at home I could do was on an old laptop so I decided the time had come to get a tablet. As its one of the most expensive on the market, I was hesitant so researched other tablets to see how they compared. However, the iPAD was still my favourite - there is just something that Apple do which puts their products ahead of the competition.

I got the new iPAD Air 32GB. I considered the iPAD 2 which is still available but as its on the market for some time I was afraid it would date quickly. I shopped around but Apple products tend not to vary too much in price, particularly newly released ones. In the end I got it on Black Friday when the Apple site had 35 euros off it.

It arrived in a white box - very sleek and classy. The only accessory included was a lead which plugs in to the iPAD for charging. The other end can be either connected to a USB port or plugged in to the mains for charging.

What can I say - it has lived up to my expectations and I love it. I switched it on and it had a full charge so I was able to start straight away. It automatically takes you through a number of steps to complete the set up so its fuss free and straightforward. Its very light and extremely thin and with a powerful processor inside its very fast. As I haven't owned a previous model I can't say how it compares to earlier generations though. After some consideration I went for the 32gb model rather than the 16gb. From what I understand, many of the new apps are in HD and can be quite memory intensive. Also, using it for video can fill up the storage pretty fast and as it lacks the flexibility of adding extra memory its important to get this decision right at the outset.

 The camera is very good and takes great quality pictures. This is definitely an improvement on my 4th generation iTouch, where the picture quality was a let down. Unique to the Air are a number of apps included free which otherwise would have to be paid for on the App Store. These are iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The last three are sort of Apple's versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I have downloaded some of them but have yet to try them so can't comment further on that.

Finally, battery life is excellent. As its my new 'toy' I have been spending a lot of time on it and the battery is lasting well.