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jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013


I have lost so many pairs of earphones that I am starting to think that my house has little borrower people living in it. I put them down in one place and never see them again. I have lost at least 10 pairs of Apple earphones in the last couple of years and it is starting to get expensive. I have bought a couple of pairs of so-called, genuine Apple earphones on Ebay but they have been useless. So I have been on a mission to buy a decent pair of earphones at a reasonable price. When it comes to earphones I really don't like the ones which go right inside my ear, so I normal opt for the ones that sit just on the inside of the ear. Please see below for my thoughts on these earphones...

~*~*~ Packaging, Price and Availability ~*~*~

These Gummy earphones come in a transparent, hard, plastic container. On the front of the packaging is the JVC logo and the name of the product 'Gummy'. Because the packaging is transparent the earphones are easily viewable. The earphones are made front a soft, durable silicone. The cable is 1m long and the earphones can be plugged into any device with a 3.5mm stereo socket. The earphones comes in a variety of different colours such as pink, blue, green, white, black and the list goes on.

I purchased my earphones from Tesco's for around £5.00, but they are currently on offer at £4.00 (as of 03/09/2013). These earphones can also be purchased from Asda, Sainsbury's, Ebay and Amazon, for around the same price.

~*~*~ My Thoughts ~*~*~

I decided to try these earphones as the packaging was very eye catching and funky looking. The fact that these come in all different colours was also a plus as I choose the pink ones as I knew my brothers or partner probably wouldn't pinch them. I also purchased these because they were the kind of earphone that just rest on the inner part of your ear and don't go all the way in, this was clear to see as the packaging was transparent.

Once I placed the earphones in my ear I found them very comfortable to wear, they also didn't keep dropping out every minute. Once they are placed in the ear they are a snug fit and they feel very secure. I also go running with these earphones in and they always stay put. The cable is of the earphones is a perfect length, not too long and not too short.

Now the most important question... Sound quality!

The sound quality of these earphones is fantastic. The sound is very clear and there is no 'tingy' sound which I have found with other cheap earphones in the past. They also block background noises very well. I think these are just as good, if not better, than Apple earphones.