martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2

Brought this phone recently and having always been an iphone person I'm surprised how good samsungs actually are especially this phone.


- Graphics are excellent especially when looking at photos/videos or playing racing apps
- Menu is very easy to use and to navigate around, you can also customize home screen easily to allow for easy access to favorite apps.
- Touch screen is extremely good and very smooth, especially when sliding from one page to another.
- Camera is very good, and the pictures look excellent even when blown up on computers.
- Design is very sleek and light
- Battery is very good and if youre not playing games/music it lasts for days and days.


- Phone can get very hot, especially when talking to someone on it as youre holding the phone but becomes unbearable sometimes.
- Battery life is good, however downloading apps its awful, with the battery life decreasing hugely.
- I also found that over time battery life gets worse and worse so be careful how many times you charge it.
- Not the most durable phone there is, my friend dropped it off a chair and it smashed.
- The phone - computer software is tricky to set up on windows 8 laptops/computers for some reason.