martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

The Spanish brand Loewe has launched a new bag

I can now tell you all the details about my new collaboration. The Spanish brand Loewe has launched a new bag. Cruz is its name, as it has been designed by Penélope and Mónica Cruz. Loewe asked me and my sister to take part in their new campaign, #loewesisters, with five international bloggers and their sisters too. You will know the name of these girls throughout the week in Loewe's social networking (@loewemadrid).
 For Cynthia, my sis, and I, is something really special. She is my sister but we are best friends too, so that makes it even more special. She is unique and has a brilliant mind; she´s generous, has a huge heart and she's a constant person. We have mutual admiration and we love each other above anything. So we have had lots of fun taking part in this new campaign together.
Cruz bag is available in three different sizes and in several colors. For the photo shoot, we both chose the same size, but Cynthia preferred it in black and I got the blue one. Hope you enjoy the pics, which were taken by De Castro. I love them! Thank you very much for all your comments.