sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

HP Premium Photo Paper

The paper is a nice thickness which makes it easy to handle, it's certainly a good quality when comparing it to some other brands I have used. When printing onto this paper I've found it takes quite a while to dry, it doesn't take an annoyingly long time but I have smudged a couple of photographs because they've been wetter for longer than I would of thought. I think this is maybe the reason HP include the perforated edge, which is handy when you want to handle photo's quickly, you can lay them out to fully dry without touching the image. Although it's handy when you rip off the excess paper you can see that it's a perforated edge, it's also quite easy to accidently rip photographs. If I'm framing a photo it doesn't matter so much about this perforated edge but I wouldn't print onto this paper if I was giving the photo's away as they don't look very professional. It's a shame about this because photographs look stunning on this paper; the colours are really sharp and vibrant. Photographs look very professional with ease, and they continue to look good too, I've got photos that I probably printed four or five years ago now which still look as good as when they were first printed.