sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Braun DigiFrame 1500

I've been using this frame on and off since I first received it three or four years ago and it still works really well. The resolution is really quite impressive and photographs are displayed well and the images are crisp and sharp, the screen is backlit so you can see the photo's really well and the frame looks really effective at night. The images on the screen can be displayed for varying length of time, the shorted being 3 seconds the longest being an hour with quite a few different stages in between. The remote control can be used to pause images, you can also zoom, rotate and adjust the brightness, as well as skip on to another photo, I've never experienced any problems with the frame not responding and it always seems to respond to both manual operation and the remote control very quickly. I usually use the frame with a memory card as I think plugging a device in using a USB can look a little bit messy, especially as we have the frame on usually if we have guests over, the memory cards however are inserted at the back and can't be seen when looking at the frame. Our electricity is on a payment meter and I have noticed that when the frame is on it does seem to use quite a lot of electricity which makes me a little reluctant to use it on a regular basis. We have another digital photo frame which also uses a lot of electricity so it's not an uncommon problem and if we weren't on the prepayment meter it wouldn't be noticed.