lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Olympus Tough-6000 - A Sports Camera, Nothing More Nothing Less

The Olympus Tough 6000 had the potential to be an amazing versatile camera, an all round photo whiz machine but design and practice are two different things. If you want a solid, reliable, slimfit camera for watersports/hobbies then go for it but if you want an all round, easy to use everyday camera with sporting ability then it's probably best to look elsewhere. It makes me sad to write that (even after writing everything above) because this model can probably last for many years without getting weaker physically or functionally and it comes from a very reputable brand but sadly it will not deliver the kind of shots that are demanded by the increasing amount of casual and hobbyist photographers taking hundreds if not thousands of photos of their everyday lives and special occasions be it for personal collections or social networking. We look to the media and see gorgeous imagery produced from sought after 'ideal' locations, technical equipment and digital image enhancement coupled with stylists or keen skill for hair, fashion, make up and choreography and then hope to reproduce something akin to those images ourselves. Hence our expectations are pushed higher and technology is designed with that in mind but some items are really meant as specialized rather than multi-focus pieces and this camera is a sports (water) camera, nothing more nothing less.