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viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Fry's Chocolate Cream

While sitting on the sofa this afternoon I had a craving for something sweet to go alongside my cup of tea, so peeling myself off the cushions and in to my kitchen I opened up my 'treat tub' and found sat on top of the packets of mints and chewy choccy bars a lone bar of Frys Chocolate Cream. I have no really recollection of buying this one as it's not a chocolate bar I would routinely choose to buy but here it is so I really ought to give it a try. This is the plain fondant version, there are also peppermint and orange versions avaliable.

Opening the wrapper the shiney surface of the dark chocolate peeks out appealingly, at this point there is little scent (though I have hayfever so my sense of smell is slightly impaired at this time of year). Breaking off a chunk the white cream fondant centre is revealed, again there is no real notable scent until you put it up close to the nose.

Putting this chunk in to my mouth there is a decidely sweet sensation but little taste, after it has had a little while to warm up in my mouth the flavour of the dark chocolate comes through but not strongly, getting slightly bored and feeling a little bit silly sitting on the sofa with a chunk of chocolate on my tongue - this kind of thing is why it's best I live alone- I decide it's time to chew.

The slightly feelin of resistance as you bite through the chocolate layer gives way to the smooth cream of the centre. The flavour at this point is strangely fresh though I couldn't quite put a name to the taste which is combining with the dark chocolate.

Swallowing there is no aftertaste but the fresh feeling continues in my mouth. In an attempt to put a name to this I take a mouthful of tea thinking my vast experience of eating confectionary products while drinking tea will help me but nope there is still no recognisable flavour other than the tea itself.

Eating the rest of the bar I think it's probably best to describe the flavour of this as simply dark chocolate, the fondant doesnt seem to have any apparently flavouring beyond the sugar used to make it.

Overall I while I didn't dislike the bar I do feel that the flavour is at best bland, but it does seem to make a good palate cleanser thanks to the freshness I felt after eating and lack of flavour interfering wth the taste of my tea at the same time.

In terms of the allergen information there are no nuts and though the bar itself does not contain milk it does note that due to the possibility of cross contamination they cannot claim that the product is dairy free. It is suitable for