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martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


HMV's my favourite shop; always has been and always will be. Can you imagine the horror I felt when they said they were in administration? And the relief I felt when they'd been bought out! Sure, you can buy CDs from Amazon or Tesco, or download music from iTunes or listen on Spotify or YouTube, but to me, nothing beats having an actual physical copy. And the best place for that is HMV.

It has a massive range of music, from metal to rock to folk, and some of the larger stores have more specialist music. Nowadays many stores even have small record collections. This is much better than the small selection available at supermarkets, most of which are chart CDs and useless if you're like me and prefer older and more specialist music. Again, you can purchase CDs from Amazon, and maybe even cheaper, but what you pay the extra for in HMV is the experience of the place, in my opinion. Much more exciting to peruse through endless amounts of CDs to find what you're looking for, and maybe even things you weren't looking for than to simply spend 5 minutes online and buy things in a few clicks.

HMV is a longstanding icon of our high street and if I can get the CD I want from there, I will definitely make the effort: it would be heartbreaking without it and, in my opinion, make going into town to shop pointless. Yes, it is ridiculously easy to buy CDs from Amazon but nothing beats going into HMV and being surrounded by music.

HMV also sells games, which I don't often buy and therefore haven't got much of an opinion on: my brother is a keen gamer and says that they are quite expensive compared to other gaming shops, however. It also has a huge selection of DVDs, which I feel is important to hold onto, especially since Blockbuster's gone under. Obviously, this has to compete with rising giants such as Netflix and LoveFilm, but, as a subscriber to Netflix, I'd definitely say that I prefer going to HMV than using it. It is much cheaper, but the quality of films on it doesn't match HMV at all.

The main disadvantage I'd say there is with HMV is the price, but the 2 for £10 deal is great and mainly combats that problem. For HMV to keep on going and getting stronger I would also say that more specialist music would be great, and different offers since sometimes I can't find other CDs or DVDs to qualify for the 2 for £10 deal. All in all, HMV is a great shop and I'd hate to see it squished under the massive uprising of
Amazon and Netflix.