martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


First of all, it looks nice, that of course is what initially gets your attention. It has a lovely big screen, but not so big that it looks like a tablet. Unfortunately being a girl, we don't have the biggest pockets to fit these phones in! This one fits into most of my jeans but usually pokes out of the pocket slightly, and I have to take it out to sit down, as it is uncomfortable. It is quite lightweight, but sometimes I find it a little wide to hold in my hand. As with all these sort of phones it is best to get a cover and screen protector, I have dropped mine a number of times which has not resulted in any damage, which maybe due to these important accessories.

User friendly?

As with every new phone, especially if you have not had a smartphone, it can take some getting used to. Most of it I found was easy to work out as you went along. These are Android phones, which means your apps are available from the "play store." There a great variety of apps available to download, and with 32GB of data you are not short of space to download what you want. The touch screen is responsive, and has given me no problems so far. It has some nice features, such as the news feed on the front screen, where you can select what subjects you are interested in, such as design or TV, and it will keep you updated with the latest articles. The camera works well although not as fast as when I first bought it.

Would you recommend to a friend?

Yes. HTC are one of the best on the market currently. I personally am an Android girl, and try to stay away from Apple as I think you are mostly paying for the brand, and they seem to overcharge a lot on apps compared to Android.