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martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


I love to wear makeup and I just want to look attractive and glamorous but I always try to look decent and simple as I am a university student. So that's the reason I always search for new products which gives me natural and pretty look than fake look.

I used to prefer light products that I can wear on daily basis and I also have to focus on the purchase price of the products In my opinion .I am a cost efficient girl as I have to purchase a product from my pocket money so I always focus that the product which I am going to purchase is reasonable for me or not.

After focusing on all other factors then I suppose to buy something. The gloss which I was wearing before was of local brand and was not long lasting even. I personally did not like it fragrance. So I had no reason to stick with it anymore.

One day I was just searching for glosses. Finally I had found something amazing on Internet. The light purplish and glassy look attracted me and made my mind to buy this gloss. Well, I am talking about the LO-REAL CO LOUR RICH LIP GLOSS, SOFT MAUVE - 1 EA .After studying the features and other reviews of people about it. I came to know that it has very light weight, not as much shimmery comparing to other glosses and also long lasting .I don't like those products which gives lots of shiny and oily sort of look. In my opinion this matte gloss gives more refined look. The gloss is enriched with vitamin E and Omega oils which nourishes and moisturizes my lips.
In my opinion whenever I put it on my lips I have not even realized its existence because of its light weight, as it is appearing in advertising. I can wear it occasionally by putting two coats of it and then this time it appeared as slightly different as before. So what else? I am enjoying with it .Because it gives me pretty look all that I want...

But the little factor which teases me is its price which is $7.52 I think which is little bit costly than other glosses. In my opinion it is not affordable for all...