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lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Revlon Nail Polish

I'm a bit of a nail polish addict and one brand I really like is Revlon. I own four of these polishes and I wear three of them fairly regularly, so I thought I would share my experiences.


The nail polishes come in 14.7ml bottles which is actually fairly big for a nail polish. They have long handles with the Revlon branding around them. Looking at the polishes now, one thing I notice is that the gold writing has worn off some of the bottles.


Like all make-up brands, the range of colours available is always changing. At the moment there are 22 colours showing on the Revlon website, ranging from neutral pinks and browns through to much bolder colours.

The ones I have are...
Posh Pink: An ironic name since it's anything but posh, I actually think it's a really tacky colour and I've no idea why I bought it!
Grey Suede: Again a strange name as it's not grey, it's beige. I love this one as a very neutral and sophisticated daytime colour.
Plum Night: A very deep purple, perfect for toes
Facets of Fuchsia: You may have heard of this one, it's very popular at the moment and took me three weeks to track down as it was sold out everywhere! It's black with a mix of small purple glitter particles and larger, almost sequin-like particles .


The brushes on these polishes are long, but rather narrow too. With most polishes I apply in three strokes - one down each side of my nail then one in the middle. With this brush I sometimes have to apply a few more strokes, especially on my thumbnail. It goes on quite smoothly, but often streaks. With all four colours I own, I need at least two coats, sometimes three, to get full coverage and a streak free application. Facets of Fuchsia especially needs quite a few coats, as the first one will go on a watery grey colour rather than black. The polishes are relatively quick drying - I'd say I need to wait around a minute for each coat to dry and when I'm finished I tend to spray a nail drying spray over the top, just to help speed up the process and prevent smudging.

==Results and finish==

The finish from the polishes is especially good once you've applied a few coats. They look smooth on the nails and don't highlight any ridges. I know I should buff the ridges out first, but quite honestly I can't be bothered most of the time!

The colours all look strong and true to how they are in the bottle. One problem I've noticed with the facets of fuchsia is that if one of the sequins peels off you will be left with a patch of bare nail underneath which doesn't look particularly nice. I would therefore recommend a top coat with that particular colour and any other sparkly polishes they may make, otherwise I find I can normally get away without adding a top coat.

The longevity of the polishes is quite good. The Grey Suede colour normally lasts around four days and even if it chips, it's not too much of a problem because the colour is so neutral it's not hugely obvious. The Plum Night I only wear on my toes and also lasts well. It's been so long since I used Posh Pink I have no recollection of how long that one stays on. I wore facets of fuchsia last week and managed two days before it was so badly chipped it needed to be removed, which is a bit of a shame. Also it's a pain in the neck to remove as the sequins stick to your nails. So, in terms of longevity, I'd say most last well, but it does seem to vary from colour to colour.


These cost £6.49 in both Superdrug and Boots. Both stores regularly have special offers on the Revlon brand - most often 3 for 2's, but at the time of writing Superdrug are offering 2 for £9.99. I'd say £6.49 was mid-priced for a nail polish, I certainly don't mind paying that for them as they are good quality.


Overall I really like the Revlon range of polishes. They are good quality, although you do need to be prepared to apply a good few coats of each. They look great on and the range of colours is really good, so I would certainly recommend giving them a try.