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lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Plantronics P90

The Plantronics P90 is a bluetooth headset specifically designed for gaming consoles such as the Playstation3 - that said, it can also be used with phones and other bluetooth enabled accessories. Last week I reviewed my previous bluetooth headset - the cheap and cheerful TalkNano Pro which, although competitively priced, is somewhat lacking in terms of its build and sound quality.

Price, Design and Specifications
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With a current cost of £13.90, the Plantronics P90 is one of the best headsets available in its price range, offering a solid construction and ease of use. The weakest point on the device is the over-the-ear plastic clip, which although a little flimsy, is very comfortable and secure. The earpiece has a rubber surround which also adds to the comfort levels, and the buttons on the unit are located in easy to reach positions. Size-wise, the product is nice and small, measuring only 5 x 2 cms.

Set Up & Use
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Before use you'll need to charge the P90, and this is done by attaching one end of the included USB cable to the top of the device, and the other end into one of the ports on your PS3 or PC. Charging takes a couple of hours, and when fully charged the battery will last for around three to four hours. Like all bluetooth headsets, the set-up needs to be done both on the headset itself, and on the target device - the basic process is as follows;

Activate the bluetooth setting on your PS3 or mobile phone, then use the device's settings to search for new bluetooth accessories. Slide the switch on the P90 downward to turn it on. Now press and hold the square 'Call' button on the P90 until the LED flashes red and blue. 'P90Plantronics' should have appeared on the list of devices shown on your phone's screen (or TV screen if you're using a Playstation). You'll now be asked to enter a pairing code on the target device, and in this case the default entry should be '0000'. To complete the process on a PS3 you'll need to go to 'audio device settings' and select "P90Plantronics" as the default audio input and audio output device.

Sound Quality & Final Word
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For the price, the P90 has an impressive aural clarity - I can hear what fellow gamers are saying without too much distortion. By default the microphone is the correct sensitivity level, picking up any vocals in the vicinity. When in use, a blue light intermittently flashes (showing that the power is on). The earpiece volume can be set via the two buttons on the right hand side of the unit - it's easy to do whilst the P90 is being worn, unlike the volume switch on the NanoTech Pro, which was very fiddly indeed. Overall, I would highly recommend the Plantronics P90 as a headset which is perfect for use with the Playstation 3. Ignoring the thin plastic ear clip, the build of the P90 is top notch and the device as a whole is easy to use.