miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Capital One

I've been a customer of Capital one for almost ten years now. I must say that they're a great credit card company. I have a total of more than 5 credit cards with them for the time that I was with them and currently still with them. I love their services and credit. I find them to be the premier credit card company for students or those who want to start to establish their credit. They're a site that offer credits to those with starting out credit rating and poor credit rating or students or anyone who hope to get a personal loan or some banking without such excellent credit rating. I guess they can give you an extra boost and that's why I like them because I started having credit with them as a student when I was trying to establish my credit and I like how they gave me a chance to build my credit. My entire family has Capital one credit cards and we all love them. We've been with them for so long and have never had any problems at all. They have excellent customer service, fraud protection, credit offers and many merchants accept them. I will always be a capital one consumer. I find them trustworthy to do business with and would recommend anyone to start banking or getting credit with them. They give beginner a new start or a chance to get some awesome credit. I have their cash reward cards and I love the extra cash back every month. I usually get around thirty dollars back each month and I love that. I put everything on my reward card with capital one. I love such a card. I'm a very satisfied customer and would continue to do business with them.