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miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Tesco RAD 112R Pocket Analogue Radio

I bought this radio initially for my bathroom and it cost me a whopping £4 from Tesco. I wanted it as a small device I could tuck away in a drawer and listen to for 10-15 minutes in the bath every now and then. Even for that purpose this has not done anything to satisfy my needs and I have already moved on after only a few weeks.

The radio has AM/FM which one plus point but wherever I have used this, Bathroom and Garden once or twice, it just cannot hold a decent signal. For £4 I don't expect a wonderful crisp clear sound but I do expect to tune a radio in and it to last more than 5 minutes. The signal fades and it has to be retuned. Not ideal and not worth the hassle! The tuning itself seems off to me and it is very fiddly. The numbers are hard to see and it takes a steady and patient hand to tune in.

The signal obviously depends on the area I understand but other radios work fine and pick up and sustain. This doesn't. It causes annoyance.

The whole thing itself feels very flimsy and for something that is intended to be portable it should really provide more confidence that it would survive a drop. The plastic is cheap, the aerial weak and the whole thing from the dial to the battery cover feels like it could drop apart at any moment. I would have expected so much more.

The sound, when the signal holds, is fairly poor and "tinny". If you are hoping for a decent audible volume be prepared for quality dips. I expected it for the price to be a bad sound quality but not this.