jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

I've got a dazzling pair

I  had never previously owned a pair of creoles as I wasn't keen on the idea of a hinge and a clip, as I suspected they would break after a short period of time. However, it was the eye-catching sparkling design of the diamond cut earrings that really appealed to me although initially I was disappointed that they were of a creole design, as I would have preferred a dainty butterfly clip. The assistant removed them from the display cabinet and demonstrated how easy they were to open and close and on closer examination and trying them out for myself, I felt confident that both the hinge and the receiver section, which is basically a small U shape, were sturdy and unlikely to break.
The 9 carat gold earrings are 1.5 centimetres in diameter and each consist of two fairly wide hoops; one of which offers a smooth surface whilst the other has been beautifully diamond cut to display literally dozens of indentations, which offer a sparkling appearance to create the illusion that the earrings have been intertwined with an array of tiny pieces of precious stone. The authenticity marking of the gold can be found engraved along the hinged section of the clips on each of the earrings. Despite my initial reservations about owning a pair of creole style earrings, I find the hinged section easy to open where it is extremely robust and I gently push the slightly pointed end into my ear piercing, then push down on the hinged area until I hear it clip into place. On the first few occasions that I wore these earrings I was worried they would open and fall from my ears and I continuously had to feel that they were still there, particularly as they are so light to wear.