jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Making Disney Proud!

Firstly, the packaging is very pretty and eye catching and this would make a great gift to give just by looking at it from first view.
Having three pieces for the cost of £2.99 is exceptional value, especially when you realise this set isn't plastic but some form of clay or similar type of material (not sure what). When I picked this up I assumed the set would be made from plastic so was surprised it wasn't.
The designs on the set are beautifully done and the detail is great. I love the fact the colours are quite muted and pale, rather than bright and bold, as it stands out more because of the design rather than being over the top colour wise. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw the three films these characters come from, but the likeness of the characters is quite good and done in a child friendly way without making the look of the set geared towards a certain age. For me, this set would appeal look wise to my daughter now and potentially a good number of years in the future.
Each piece is well made and despite not being made of plastic, they don't weigh a lot and are quite light weight but still quite substantial and not weak or flimsy in anyway.

The size of the pieces are spot on. Although the bowl looks quite large, it has a good surface area for food to be placed into it, but more importantly for the child to have something to grab onto if and when needed. I've noticed my daughter will use her spoon in her left hand and hold the edge of the bowl with her right to ensure it doesn't move around. The mug provides a good amount of liquid to drink from, but small enough for a young child to hold. The handle has a good amount of space between the mug itself meaning even I can hold it with confidence as there's plenty of room. And the plate has adequate surface area to provide a young child with the correct amount of food in regards to portion size. Each piece easy for her to use without help.